Tuesday, November 11, 2014

National Young Reader's Day: My Favorite Bedtime Stories

In honor of National Young Reader's day, today I am posting about my favorite bedtime story/stories. Casper, an innovative memory foam mattress company, has inspired me to post about my favorite bedtime stories and to write about why they had an impact on me.

I have many favorite bedtime stories.  There are two categories of stories that I remember most from my childhood: Dr. Seuss books and stories that my parents made up.  I love Dr. Seuss books because they rhyme, they are hilarious, they are easy to remember, and they invoke imagination in children.  Some of my greatest memories are when my parents read to me before I went to sleep.

My all time favorite bedtime stories as a child were the ones that my parents made up.  I remember stories of "Princess Jessica" and Winnie the Pooh (one of my all time favorite characters).  I remember stories about knights and stories about fairies.  My parents created the best stories because they were relevant to me and to my favorite things.

Parents, if you have young children remember to be creative and make your own bedtime stories.  Don't worry about being silly or the stories being stupid; young kids will love any time and effort that you put into making them happy.  The bedtime stories that left the biggest impression on me were not the books with pictures, but the stories that my parents told that evoked mental pictures of my own creation.

Casper asked me to write a post about my favorite bedtime stories.  I received no compensation for writing this post.

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