Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Monsterthon Day 1 Updates (Monday, August 4)

General Updates
The monsterthon is going great so far!  I am surprised at the progress that I have made.  I stopped at a thrift store and Goodwill today and picked up a few new books, so this is sort of a haul post also.

First, I am going to show you the books that I picked up today (all for under $1.91 each).

I picked up a middle-grade novel and an Adult graphic novel.  The Lemon Crime by Jaqueline Davies is a middle-grade novel that is the second book in the series.  I did not notice that it was the second in a series until I had finished reading it, but it was great as a standalone.  This book is about two fourth graders who are brother and sister and who are seeking revenge against someone who stole the money that was made from selling lemonade all summer.  In order to assign guilt to the person that they think stole the money, they hold their own trial using the people in their fourth grade classroom.

Orcs: Forged for War is an adult graphic novel.  I picked up this book because I am looking forward to reading it for the upcoming readathon that I am hosting.

 Next up are the adult novels that I bought today.  The first is saving max by Antoinette van Heugten.  The main character in this story is a female lawyer who has a son that has been diagnosed with a psychological disorder.  She does not believe that her son has this disorder until her son is found unconcious and bloody next to a bludgeoned body.  She then seeks to prove his innocence.

The Dress Lodger is a historical fiction novel set in England during the cholera epidemic of 1831.  The main character seeks to protect her baby boy.  There is a lot more that is said in the description on the back of the book, but you should check it out on Goodreads.  It seriously sounds amazing!

The History of Love is contemporary novel about an author and a girl who is named after a character in his book.  They are half a world away, but the namesake seeks to connect with the author.

Honestly, I bought The Sanctuary just because it was written by Ted Dekker.  I have loved all his books that I have read.  I do know this is one of his Christian fiction thriller novels, but I do not know much more about it. 

Read-a-thon Updates

Wow!  I cannot believe the progress that I have made already.  I finished two books and read 446 pages!

I started out the day by continuing the Death Note series.  I read the 7th volume which is 211 pages.  I really enjoyed this volume of the series.  Volume 6 was slower paced and was not as entertaining than the rest of the series, but I sure am glad that it picked up in the 7th volume.  I cannot tell you much about this volume because it would spoil the series, but trust me it was fantastic.

I then picked up The Lemonade Crime by Jacqueline Davies which had a total of 151 pages.  This book was fabulous and was just what I was expecting out of a middle-grade book.  I decided to go ahead and read this book during the read-a-thon because the Death Note series is dark and deep.  I wanted a nice lighthearted and quick read.  I am also trying to pace myself in finishing the last of the Death Note series.  A full review of this book will be on my blog very soon!

I also started, but have not finished, the eighth volume of Death Note.  It is good so far!  I read 84 pages of this volume today.

Review-a-thon Updates 

I was so excited about reading today that I have not written a single review.  Oh well, there is always tomorrow!

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