Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Monsterthon Day 2 Update (Tuesday, August 5)

Read-a-thon Updates
Today has not been as good of a reading day as yesterday, but I am pretty proud of my progress.  I have read a total of 247 pages today.

I finished the 8th volume of the Death Note series.  I read around 177 pages of it today; I read a few more pages yesterday than I ended up reporting for yesterday.

I then started Buzz Kill by Beth Fantaskey, but I decided to DNF the book because it was not what I expected it would be.  The main character was annoying and it just was not the type of book that I felt like reading today.  I read 8 pages of this book.

I began reading Fourmile by Watt Key.  Although it had some mild cussing in the beginning of the book, this book shows some real promise to being an amazing read.  I read the first 62 pages of Fourmile and hope to finish it in the morning.

Review-a-thon Updates 

Again, I have not written a single review...

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