Saturday, February 27, 2016

Series Review (No Spoilers): Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins

Series Title: Underland Chronicles

Book 1 Title: Gregor the Overlander

Author: Suzanne Collins

Genre: Middle Grade Epic Fantasy

Date Published (Book 1): 2003

Why I Read This Book: I read this series when I was younger and I LOVED it.






About Book 1 (from Goodreads):  

This irresistible first novel tells the story of a quiet boy who embarks on a dangerous quest in order to fulfill his destiny -- and find his father -- in a strange world beneath New York City.

When Gregor falls through a grate in the laundry room of his apartment building, he hurtles into the dark Underland, where spiders, rats, cockroaches coexist uneasily with humans. This world is on the brink of war, and Gregor's arrival is no accident. A prophecy foretells that Gregor has a role to play in the Underland's uncertain future. Gregor wants no part of it -- until he realizes it's the only way to solve the mystery of his father's disappearance. Reluctantly, Gregor embarks on a dangerous adventure that will change both him and the Underland forever.


Yes, this series is written by the beloved author of the Hunger Games. No, these series are nothing alike.

The Underland Chronicles is a middle-grade epic fantasy series about a young boy who falls through a grate in his laundry room in New York city and finds himself in a whole new world filled with humans, rats, giant cochroaches and giant bats. A prophesy foretells of a war that Gregor will take part in.

This entire series was perfect; I would not change a single thing about it. I read this series way before I read the Hunger Games series and I did not realize that these were written by the same author until recently. This series is filled with action, adventure, love, friendship, courage, and death. As such, I would not recommend this for young children, but I would recommend this to anyone above the age of 10. If you love fantasy, you will LOVE this series. Although it is written for a younger audience, readers of all ages will easily fall in love with this series.

Final Statements

Recommended Reading Age: 10+ for some intense scenes

Overall Rating: 5/5

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Children's Book Review Tuesdays: David and Goliath

Title: David and Goliath

Author: Katherine Scully

Illustrated by: Simona Sanfilippo

Genre: Christian Children's Picture Book

Why I Read This Book: I received this ebook from the Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influenced my review.

About the Book (from Edelweiss):  

Can young David win against a giant? Read the story of David, the shepherd boy who fights the mighty giant, Goliath. These beautifully illustrated classic Bible stories are perfect for reading together as well as reading alone. The most popular stories from the Old Testament are retold in easy-to-read language and provide a perfect introduction into the Bible. The series allows children to become familiar with colorful stories from the Old Testament using the familiar picture story format. Whilst the language is simple and easy to understand, the detailed illustrations support the text and provide ideal opportunities for spotting things and for further discussion.


Making biblical stories relate-able and interesting to children might seem like a challenge, but David and Goliath makes it seem easy! This version of the biblical story of David's battle with Goliath is perfect for children. It shows that you can do anything with God by your side. This version is not too violent for young children. The illustrations are beautiful and engaging. It's perfect for children of any age!

Final Statements

Recommended Reading Age: 3-5 years

Overall Rating: 4/5

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