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I would love to review books both from publishers and authors.  Although I am accepting reviews, I do reserve the write to decline any offer that is sent to me.  I am a college student, so sometimes my college life has to be a priority over reading.  With this being said, I usually read and review books within 2-3 months.  This is not a guaranteed time frame, only an estimate.  Sometimes I am able to read them quicker than this and sometimes it takes a little longer.

I am pleased to review many different genres of books.  I tend to read young adult fantasy, young adult paranormal, christian fiction, christian nonfiction, children's fiction, and any other clean (no foul language, no sexual references) books.  I will not accept reviews of books that have foul language or sexual references. I also prefer not to read books with alcohol and/or drug use.

I prefer physical copies, but I will accept mobi files.

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