Why I Review Books

Who am I?

I am a 20 year old follower of Christ who loves to read.  I love to read Christian fiction and nonfiction, such as books by Ted Dekker and Max Lucado.  I also love to read young adult (YA) novels, such as Hunger Games and books by Neal Shusterman.  

Why did I decide to review books?

First and foremost, I love to read and I love to discuss books with other avid readers.  I decided that since I read a lot of books, others may want to read my reviews of books and decide if they are of interest to them.  Since I read YA books, my other purpose is to provide a way for parents to investigate whether books are age appropriate for their children without necessarily having to read books that they are not interested in.  I am not a mother, but I have the desire to be one in the future and I understand the concern that parents may have for their children reading books that may not be appropriate for their age.

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    I've just released 'Brianna' on Audible and can provide you with a coupon code for a free copy if you're willing to review it.