Saturday, August 3, 2013

City of Bones

General Analysis

Book Title: City of Bones

Author: Cassandra Clare

Publish Date:  March 27, 2007

Genre:  Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy

Plot:  Clary Fray stumbles upon a world that most humans do not see.  This world is full of Demons, Shadowhunters (who kill said demons), vampires, and much, much more.  The world that Clary thought she knew starts to tumble as she struggles to understand why demons would be interested in killing a mundane, those that normally do not see the shadow world, and why Clary is the only mundane known that is gifted with the Sight.

Overall Thoughts: I really began to love this book after the first 100 pages or so.  The action and intensity of the story is something that cannot be compared to most books.

In Depth Analysis

Characters:  The characters are very defined and full of depth.  The way that the characters relate to one another is described in wonderful detail and really makes the characters enjoyable.

Writing Style:  The writing style is amazing and very suspenseful.

Likes:  I loved almost everything about the story.  The way the story is told is incredible and leaves you wanting more.  The characters are lovable, even those that you love to hate.

Dislikes:  I did not like that there were a few sexual references, cussing, and references to drugs.

Final Statements

Recommended Reading Age:  I would recommend this to teenagers and older that are able to handle violence.

Overall Rating:  4/5

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