Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thursday Tags: The Book Cake Tag

This week's tag is entitled "The Book Cake Tag".  This is a tag where you relate books to ingredients in a cake.  I found this tag over at Ariel Bissett's Booktube Channel. You should go check out all the amazing things that Ariel is doing on her channel, but you should also check out the video of the creator of the tag, suddenlylorna.

1. Self-rising Flour: a book that started out slow, but ended up exciting

I did not enjoy this book at first, but I received a copy of it through GoodReads FirstReads and so I continued reading the book until the end.  I really enjoyed the last half of the book.  Michelle Barker just took her time at the beginning of the book to do some world building and I respect that.

2. Butter: (the richness in the cake): a book that has a rich plot

This book has the best plot of any book that I have read in a long time.  Addison has the ability to see into the future and see the what would happen if she makes one choice compared to another choice.  Addison's parents are getting a divorce and she has to choose which parent she wants to live with.  The book chapters alternate between what would happen if she chose to live with her mom versus what would happen if she chose to live with her dad.  Although the alternating chapters were confusing at first, I got accustomed to this quickly and I really enjoyed this book!

3. Eggs: a book that you thought would be bad but turned out to be really good

The premise of this book is really dark.  The kingdom that Alexa lives in chooses to rape young girls in order to increase the numbers of their army.  Although this premise is really disturbing, that is not the main plot of the book.  Alexa is forced to dress as a man and serve in the king's army in order to avoid being raped.  Alexa defends her kingdom even though she does not like some of the things that her kingdom does to their citizens.  Alexa gets abducted by a neighboring kingdom and this is when the book really starts to pick up.  The world and the character building in this book are amazing and I am glad that I stuck with this book until the end.

4. Sugar: a sweet book

If you have been following my blog recently, you know how much I have enjoyed "A Ripple Effect Romance" novella series.   This is a clean romance series where a minor character from each book is chosen to be a mjor character in the next book.  These are super sweet cheesy romance stories that I really have enjoyed.

5. Icing: covers a lot of elements that I look for in a good book

Ted Dekker has a way of writing that is like no other author that I have ever known.  If you have ever read any of his books. you know that he is the king of suspense and plot development.  I love when authors use suspense well!  Ted Dekker also has great character building skills.  The characters in his novels are very dynamic.  Ted Dekker also adds a touch of fantasy in his Lost Books  series and oh man I do love fantasy!  Dekker also is very vocal about his faith and includes symbolism in many of his novels.

6. Sprinkles: the series that you keep coming back to that always makes you happy

This was a hard category to choose a series for, but I ended up choosing the Harry Potter series.  I grew up reading this series and it always brings back a lot of memories for me.  My favorite thing about this series is how J.K. Rowling never writes anything into her stories that are not important.  It seems like everything has a purpose to her stories.  For example, the book that was stabbed with the basilisk fang in the second book had a lot more meaning than was originally known by the reader.  Rowling's books are like puzzles and this keeps me coming back to this series to see if I can find anything else in the series that I did not notice before.

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