Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sweet Summer, Crazy for YA Books, Library Books Readathons: Weekly Wrap Up

Goals Summary

Read 2100 pages (average of 300 a day)
  • Monday: 411 pages
  • Tuesday: 408 pages
  • Wednesday: 1288 pages
  • Thursday: 429 pages
  • Friday: 609 pages
  • Saturday: 51 pages
  • Sunday: 20 pages
I did not have much time to myself this weekend, so I did not get to read as much.  My total page count was 3216 pages for an average of 459 pages a day.  I would not have been able to do this if I had not read so many manga and graphic novels.

Post daily update posts during the read-a-thon

I have done a daily update post for all of the posts except for Sunday.
Post a wrap-up post after the read-a-thon 

Here is is! :)
Finish The Scorch Trials audiobook (somewhat completing the optional challenge for the Sweet Summer Readathon)

I did not finish this book, but I did make some progress :)
Participate in the daily challenges for the Sweet Summer Readathon

Luckily, I did not specify how many of these I would do.  I ended up completing 3 challenges, but did not do all of the challenges for this readathon.
Read a book set in the summer for the Sweet Summer Readathon optional challenge

I did not do this challenge :(
Read as many library books as I can for the Library Books Readathon 

I finished 1 novel and 14 graphic novels from the library.  That's pretty successful!


I really enjoyed participating in these readathons.  I had a lot of fun and made a lot of progress.  I wish that I had finished more novels.  I got kind of stuck in Everfound.  I will not pick a 500 page novel for a readathon.

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  1. Great job. Your page count was amazing. I need to get into reading more Manga.