Thursday, September 25, 2014

Series Review: Angelmen by T.C. Slonaker (Series Not Yet Completed)

Series Title: Angelmen

Author: T.C. Slonaker

Titles and Publication Dates: Amity of the Angelmen (Book 1, 2012) and Asher of the Angelmen (Book 2, March 2014)

Genre: Christian Young Adult Fantasy

About the Series (from Goodreads):  

Someone has to die.
Life must be relinquished for the salvation of another. So someone will die. In the human world, it has already been done. But the race of the Nephilim has a different war to fight. And their sacrifice has yet to be given.

It will be one of the four.

Read the four paraquel stories to learn about the characters - Amity, Asher, Caedmon, & Malachi.
Watch them meet in the last chapter of each book.
Find out who will be the Sacrifice in the 5th book - The Battle

About Amity of the Angelmen (from Goodreads): 

Amity David is not human, as the seventeen-year-old pastor's daughter had thought she was. Her life has now been upturned and possibly set aright with the help of Mackenzie Abel, a young priest as conflicted about his calling as Amity is about hers. Blindly searching for answers together that will serve God's intent, the two also struggle against feelings they have developed for one another. Can Amity trust the alleged angel who told her she is descended from a demon? Part of her hopes not because, if true, it means she is being called to help free others like her from the ties of her evil heritage through war. What happens when a being created out of evil, is called to fight on the side of good? And what if this evil being thinks she is a good person, only to find she is not even a person at all?

Why I Read this Book: I received a physical copy of both Amity of the Angelmen and Asher of the Angelmen from the author in exchange for an honest review.  This in no way influenced my review of these books.

Review of the Series Thus Far

Both Amity of the Angelmen and Asher of the Angelmen had my attention from the first chapter.  These books are paraquel novels; they are about different characters in the series and they occur simultaneously.  The whole series is a battle of good versus evil.  The main characters struggle to find their identities once they learn that they are nephilim, born of human and demon.

My favorite part of this series is the complexity of the characters.  Amity is my favorite character in the series before as she struggles to physically fight the powers of evil as well as the spiritual struggle of trying to serve God even though she is half demon.

This series eloquently combines fantasy, christian elements, action, adventure, and romance.  I would recommend this series to any fan of fantasy!

The third book in the series will be coming out within the next year and I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy. 

Final Statements

Recommended Reading Age: 16+ (some references to sex in a biblical point of view)

Overall Rating for the Series: 4.5/5

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