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Hour 6 Mini-Challenge: Top Ten List

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It's hour six. You are already 1/4 of the way finished with the read-a-thon! Way to go! Keep it up! If you are just now starting, that's great too! 

It's time to take a break with a little mini-challenge, David Letterman style. It's time to make your top 10 list of something that has to do with the read-a-thon. Awesome idea right? Well, it's not totally mine. I have to give credit to a 2008 mini-challenge host, jillora (@JilleeBeene). I asked around the Twitter-sphere about your favorite mini-challenges from previous years and this one came up. I loved the idea and decided to bring back this amazing mini-challenge. The original challenge can be found here.

As a thanks for being awesome (you know you are), I am also having a giveaway where you will have a chance to win your choice of either a 15 USD Amazon gift card OR a book from Book Depository for 15 USD or less. To enter the giveaway, post your Top Ten list in the comments and leave a way for me to contact you if you win (email, Twitter, Goodreads, ect.). I will then use a random number generator to determine the winner.

So without further ado, here is my Top 10 list.

Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Dewey's Readathon

10. Talk on Twitter. I'm sure you will find a new friend or two and maybe even get a book recommendation. Don't we all need more books on our TBR piles?

9. Eat lots of snacks. This can be a cheat day. Calories don't count on read-a-thon days, right?

8. Do mini-challenges :)

7.  Stay hydrated. Sleepiness will come if you don't get plenty of fluids.

6. Take naps. You will remember more of what you have read and enjoy yourself more if you aren't totally sleep deprived.

5. Cheer for others. Even if you aren't registered as a cheerleader, we usually have a few rogue ones around #TeamRogue

4. Take a break to play with your kitty [may not apply to everyone, but definitely applies to me :) ]

3. Read with your kids. Involve them in the read-a-thon as well.

2. Read, read, read

1. Don't stress about how much you haven't read. Just have fun!


  1. Ooooh this is so fun! Here are my ten:

    1) Find a way to get involved in Readathon as more than a reader: volunteer to cheer, write a sign-up post, host a mini-challenge, etc. I know this is a huge help to the hosts, but it's also a great way to feel more connected to the event!

    2) Cheer. Even if you're not an official cheerleader. Readathon is a great way to discover new-to-you blogs and bloggers!

    3) Give yourself permission to *not read.* Sometimes, naps, runs, meals, etc. are the perfect interlude between two great reading spells!

    4) Pick a variety of books: subjects, genres, style, lengths.

    5) If a book isn't clicking, MOVE ON. Try something else. Nothing kills a readathon faster than a bad book.

    6) Participate in the mini-challenges, because they are fun!

    7) HAVE FUN

    8) Don't forget to move around.

    9) Similarly, don't forget to hydrate and feed yourself properly.

    10) Don't be afraid to make up your own rules. Readathon is all about what you make it!

    (I'm ofabookworm AT gmail DOT com and/or @kerryamchugh on Twitter!)

  2. 1. Dont stress the reading at your own pace
    3.pick out books beforehand and have emergency books if your mood changes.
    4. All the healthy snacks 👅
    5. All the healthy drink choices... Yes smoothies 💕
    6. Coffeeeeeee
    7. The naps
    8. Twitter talks and cheers!
    9. Talking to fellow readers ALL OVER THE WORLD.
    10. reading sprints and having fun! :)

    @Eaton_boy on twitter 😊

  3. 1: Having an excuse to (try and) read all day;
    2: Knowing that 100's-1000's of fellow readers are doing the same;
    3: Coffee;
    4: Trying to explain to your wife that you can't change your toddler's diaper because you are reading;
    5: The enthusiasm on the goodreads group and throughout the interwebs;
    6: Getting book suggestions from the myriad of social media input;
    7: Mini-challenges;
    8: Making unrealistic reading goals;
    9: Feeling bad for eating a 5th cookie to keep your motivation up;
    10: Taking a 6th cookie to comfort your for #9 wile starting a new chapter!

  4. Top 10 Necessities for my Readathon
    10. Pillows to snuggle with.
    9. Essential Oils to make me nice and comfy.
    8. Tea to keep me warm and cozy.
    7. Snacks so I don't have to stop and cook.
    6. Lip Balm because, well, I'm addicted to the stuff!
    5. Water to keep me nice and hydrated.
    4. Hubby to keep me company, tell me I'm doing great, and make runs to Starbucks.
    3. Coffee because, well, COFFEE!!!
    2. Phone to check challenges and cheer people on.
    1. Books, books, and more books! Because that's what it's all about!

  5. Goodreads profile -

    1. Read, of course!
    2. Preferably with friends...
    3. ...on a comfy chair or sofa (bed might be a bad idea).
    4. Get up and move around once in a while,
    5. maybe do a mini challenge!
    6. Don't stress...
    7. ...enjoy, fun is key!
    8. Be self-competitive but don't compare yourself to others.
    9. Indulge in fabulous snacks and finally
    10. always thank those who make it more fun :).

  6. Top Ten Ways to Stay SANE During Read-A-Thon!

    10. Be careful what books you choose.
    9. Find a place where you can focus.
    8. Do all your chores BEFORE readathon starts.
    7. Don't compare yourself to other people. You'll read at your own speed!
    6. Eat healthy snacks and not just junk food.
    5. Keep calm and keep reading!
    4. Choose your books CAREFULLY (This is important so I had to put it in twice!)
    3. Tell the family to buzz off and leave you alone.
    2. okay, one last time: CHOOSE YOUR BOOKS CAREFULLY. If they aren't books you enjoy, it's gonna be a long 24 hours.
    1. Don't look at the clock. Just get lost in the book.

    Brought to you by: JF. Jenkins (babytoaster AT gmail DOT com)

  7. Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Dewey's Readathon

    1. If you're not enjoying the book, stop reading and pick another book!
    2. Complete challenges during your reading breaks.
    3. Drink coffee. Strong, black coffee.
    4. Eat healthy and not-so-healthy snacks.
    5. Have a glass of champagne when you finish your first book.
    6. Don't stress about how much you read.
    7. Don't compare yourself to others.
    8. If you're loving the book, tell other readathon folks about it! Book recommendations are awesome.
    9. Get some sun. If it's a nice enough day, read outside for awhile.
    10. Have multiple books on hand and bounce back and forth as needed.

    I can be reached at or on Twitter @shawntaye

  8. Here is a link to my top 10 reading with kids!

  9. Top 10 snacks for the read-a-thon.

    1. Tea/Coffee/Water (What would reading a book be without caffeine or hydration?)

    2. Chocolate

    3. Fruit (all the berries and rest)

    4. Little nibbles like; Pringles, chocolate buttons (yes chocolate again because it's just so beautiful)

    5. Cake anyone? It's a read-a-thon so your allowed to have a cheat day!

    6. Pastry

    7. Doghnut

    8. Grapes

    9. Biscuits (with tea of course)

    10. And whatever your favourite snack might be!

    Contact Info:

    Twitter: @ShelleyLockhart
    Instagram @jessmaeshelley

    1. 1. Recruit friends to join in and share more personally.

      2. Plan your books ahead of time so you are ready to go.

      3. Choose the best schedule for you! As a night owl, I started at midnight and got 20% into my first book so I would be ready to dive back in in the morning.

      4. Plan to join in on the challenges to change things up.

      5. Charge the iPod and ready the earbuds, in case others are not participating, you will not be distracted by their TV shenanigans.

      6. Add in some puppy and/or kitty or child cuddle time to engage all your senses.

      7. Plan on easy to eat, one hand only meals to leave one hand free for reading!!

      8. Plan having one "tried and true" beloved book on backup in case a planned book doesn't work out, that way you can dive back in easily.

      9. I plan to stay in jammies to keep me focused on relaxing and reading, if I get dressed, I may be tempted to start doing household chores in error!!

      10. Set some sort of goal- number of pages read, books completed, time spent reading, the choice is yours, but it can help when you're tempted to slow down if you have a goal in mind!!

      Loraine Bailor,

    2. 1. Recruit friends to join in and share more personally.

      2. Plan your books ahead of time so you are ready to go.

      3. Choose the best schedule for you! As a night owl, I started at midnight and got 20% into my first book so I would be ready to dive back in in the morning.

      4. Plan to join in on the challenges to change things up.

      5. Charge the iPod and ready the earbuds, in case others are not participating, you will not be distracted by their TV shenanigans.

      6. Add in some puppy and/or kitty or child cuddle time to engage all your senses.

      7. Plan on easy to eat, one hand only meals to leave one hand free for reading!!

      8. Plan having one "tried and true" beloved book on backup in case a planned book doesn't work out, that way you can dive back in easily.

      9. I plan to stay in jammies to keep me focused on relaxing and reading, if I get dressed, I may be tempted to start doing household chores in error!!

      10. Set some sort of goal- number of pages read, books completed, time spent reading, the choice is yours, but it can help when you're tempted to slow down if you have a goal in mind!!

      Loraine Bailor,

  10. I have twin 5-year-olds, so here's my Top 10 Ways to involve your younger kids in the Read-a-Thon!

    10 - Let them pick out your next book. Seriously, there is nothing my kids like more than being able to have some control over my life, even if it's just picking a book.
    9 - Listen to some Books on CD together. My kids love finding library books that come with an accompanying CD. That way they get a different narrator, I get a break from being the reader, and we can all enjoy the book together.
    8 - Take a trip to the library! It's always a good idea to give your eyes a rest for a while, and heading to the library is perfect for a reading themed weekend.
    7 - Get them involved in making your snacks. We love celery and peanut butter at my house, and my two love helping even more. Get them busy chopping celery, peeling oranges, counting out nuts or cheese chunks - healthy snacks are a must!
    6 - Take advantage of the many opportunities to stream wonderful works of fiction. My kids love the Reading Rainbow app, and Netflix is starting to have a decent selection of book-to-movie choices. Let them "read" their book visually for a change.
    5 - Take a walk! Let the littles make up their own story as they go, and everyone can enjoy some much-needed time outside.
    4 - Let them "read" to each other. My kids are pre-readers, and they loving taking books they know fairly well and "reading" them to anyone who will listen. We can work out sounding out words as we go, and they feel like they have really accomplished something.
    3 - Craft time! Let them create something that relates to a book they love. You never know what they will come up with!
    2 - Read, read, read! Of course, reading books to your kids is the best way to encourage them to be readers themselves, and it's exactly what this weekend is about.
    1 - Give them (and yourself!) a break!! Take some time to rest, relax, play, have fun. Reading is great, but being together as a family is even better.

    You can contact me at

  11. How fun! My Top 10 Things to do at Readathon:

    1. READ!
    2. Cheeeeeer! Cheering makes it so much more fun.
    3. Hang out on Twitter!
    4. Take breaks. Because you will need them.
    5. Take naps. Because you will need them too.
    6. Eat lots of different kinds of snacks!
    7. DON'T force yourself to read the entire time if you don't want to!
    8. Participate in the hourly challenges!
    9. Have others join in reading with you!
    10. Just have fun!


  12. 10. Finally getting around to reading some of the things I tend to put off and falling in love with them
    9. Your whole family giving you peace and quiet to read with.
    8. Feeling guilty for doing anything but reading :)
    7. Messy stacks of books around at all times (this seems to be a usual for me)
    6. Wearing comfy sweatpants and t-shirts.
    5. Never being able to find a bookmark even though you hoard them away.
    4. Re-reading old favourites.
    3. Hot tea with milk and honey in a fancy teacup.
    2. Lovely fall weather.
    1. Reading all the books all the time!
    @jessirainej on Twitter and IG

  13. It's my first ever read-a-thon this year, so for my top ten I have decided to do "My top ten most enjoyed aspects of the read-a-thon":

    1. The absolutely brilliant Twitter feeds. I've been giggling and chatting to people all day.
    2. Having an excuse to read all day and do absolutely nothing else (not even shower although I'll have a bath and read in it later on)
    3. MINI CHALLENGEEEEEEEES! They're like mini-games inside the main game. Great.
    4. Cheat day on calories. I ordered Pizza Hut and have no cares at all.
    5. Being shown a variety of different reads from different genres from other participants.
    6. The reviews about books that have been on my TBR a while. Most of them are positive :)
    7. I've made a couple of new friends which has been great :)
    8. Reading books that I might not otherwise have picked for a long time.
    9. All of the YouTube videos and blog posts I get to read and watch about the read-a-thon.
    10. Knowing that I'll get to participate again in a few months :)

    You can find me at @kerryxelizabeth on Twitter or on email.

  14. I made mine in my blog so here's the link:

    Thanks for a great challenge :)

  15. Love this mini challenge. I'll do a Top Ten of great books to read during a readathon! I highly recommend reading short stories, graphic novels, plays, and YA books!
    1) Blankets
    2) We Have Always Lived in the Castle
    3) Twelve Angry Men
    4) The Yellow Wallpaper
    5) Howl's Moving Castle
    6) Half Magic
    7) The Witch of Blackbird Pond
    8) A Streetcar Named Desire
    9) AD: New Orleans After the Deluge
    10) Goodbye, Mr. Chips

  16. 1) Read a new book
    2) Read an old favorite
    3) Curl up with a four legged friend
    4) Read a scary book
    5) Munch on a sweet snack
    6) munch on a salty snack
    7) Complete a challenge or two
    8) Read a book that makes you laugh
    9) Read a book that makes you cry
    10) Have fun!

    @nanlj on Twitter

  17. 10. Convince somebody to do it with me.
    9. Checking the # on instagram.
    8. Cheer on people I don't know (im usually shy).
    7. Snacks.
    6. An excuse to try new teas while hydrating.
    5. Use the time to catch up on books/challenges.
    4. Chatting to my friend across the pond on messenger when we need to take breaks, helps keep me awake.
    3. The mini challenges give me a reason to actually use my instagram.
    2.Meeting new book people that I talk to outside of the readathon.
    1.Read a variety of books in different formats, gives your eyes a break when you pop on an audio.

    @eaclarke82 on Twitter and Instagram

  18. My top ten readathon foods:

    1. Popcorn - This is actually my favorite food to eat while reading, I don't know why.
    2. Tacos - It's become a bit of a readathon tradition for me to make chicken tacos during the readathon. Chicken cooks in the crockpot and shreds up real nice - easy and delicious!
    3. Cookies. Because cookies.
    4. Fruit - Especially ones that are easy to snack on pieces of, like grapes, berries, orange slices, etc.
    5. Crackers and cheese - because yum.
    6. Jalapeno poppers - Another readathon tradition for me, though I forgot to buy some for today. Darn.
    7. Mike & Ikes - Or any kind of candy to give you a big sugar boost, really.
    8. Green beans - I kind of love snacking on raw green beans, and it's a nice alternative to eating all the other junk ;-)
    9. Soup and bread - Goes really well when reading a historical novel.
    10. Pizza - Because sometimes easy is just the way to go.

    Fun mini-challenge, thanks!! And now I think I need a snack... lol.

  19. 10. Permission to lay back feels sooooooo good
    9. Inspired me to clean living room at least one day early
    8. Spending no money for gasoline yet still enjoying day (and night)
    7. Crossing off entries in TBR list
    6. Finishing 2015 Book Riot Challenge
    5. Not being so busy busy encourages me to drink water
    4. Cocoa
    3. Quiet time with me Mum (recuperating from surgery)
    2. My fancies are being tickled
    1. Walking the dogs on the prairie (hello, audiobooks)

  20. 1. Cuddle up with a pet!
    2. Prepare! Looking forward to readathon is half the fun
    3. Check out what other people are reading to build up your TBR (as if it's not big enough already)
    4. Keep track of pages to see how well you're doing!
    5. Do mini-challenges
    6. Drink lots of water
    7. Incorporate audiobooks so that you can get up and move around
    8. Switch between books
    9. Read comics or graphic novels to break up the day
    10. Make it your own! Everyone's readathon is different, and that's great!

    Twitter: @chelsie_shot or

  21. 10 Ways To Survive A Read-A-Thon As A Slow Reader:

    1. Read a little bit of multiple books, so that you aren't stuck with just the one
    2. Post updates every hour, so that you feel like you're doing more than you are
    3. Read from your favorite genre, so you'll feel more invested
    4. Pick books that have short chapters, so you'll feel more successful
    5. Pick books that your friends love, so that someone is excited even when you read 10 pages
    6. Start that book that you're reading "just to have an opinion about" so you have another reason to read it slowly ;)
    7. Try reading manga! It's like a comic or graphic novel, but with less noisy artwork
    8. Read on an e-reader and make the font really big, so it feels like you're turning lots of pages
    9. Let yourself imagine every detail of the scene, as if it's a movie (because isn't this the best part of being a slow reader, anyway?)
    10. Remember that every read page matters because readathons are about having fun and growing, and not about finishing books

  22. Top ten ways to take a break during Readathon

    10. Check the mail.
    9. Take a shower.
    8. Paint your nails.
    7. Play with the cat.
    6. Mini challenges!
    5. Make tea.
    4. Make lunch.
    3. Browse the #readathon hashtags.
    2. Go outside!
    1. Kiss your husband/girlfriend/baby/dog/whoever.

    hippycrite at gmail :)

  23. Top 10 Things I Have Learned (so far) During My First Readathon:
    1. It's not about how much reading you get done, just that you are reading!
    2. Getting distracted every once in a while is fine and even a good thing
    3. Change positions often for stay comfy!
    4. Discuss your book(s) as you go along to help you understand and enjoy them more
    5. Mini challenges are tons of fun!
    6. There are a LOT of amazing encouraging people on social media/goodreads to help you stay focused
    7. The hours go by surprisingly quickly
    8. Keep a drink nearby to stay alert and hydrated
    9. Snacks are important!
    10. Readathon is so much fun!

    Instagram: @kaebaby95

  24. Top 10 Ways Awake for Dewey's 24hr Read-A-Thon:

    1. Coffee: About 5 litres worth... yes, seriously.
    2. Exercise: Every so often I get up to do squats, or walk up and down my flight of stairs.
    3. Read standing up.
    4. Crank up that heavy metal music.
    5. Sugar hit. I really can't so no to anything sweet.
    6. Regular breaks: alternate your reading with another activity - cleaning, walking the dog.
    7. Grab a partner: keep each other motivated and if need be give your partner permission to slap you in the face when it starts to look like you're micro sleeping.
    8. Check in with fellow readers via social media sites.
    9. Water: Drink lots of it, swim in it, splash it on your face, pour it down your mates pants (a good chuckle will help keep you alert)
    10. More coffee.

    Thanks for hosting Jessica!

    @AyaMSato on Twitter

  25. LOVE this Top 10!
    Here's my list:

    1. Read short stories throughout to break up the day
    2. Find a cuddler for couch reading... right now it's my fur babies
    3. Snack away! It's a great day to indulge
    4. Take breaks and plan a nap
    5. Complete mini challenges you think are fun to break up the day
    6. Don't focus on posting
    7. Drink wine in the evening (but not too much!)
    8. Move around, A LOT. Walk and read, read in different rooms, go outside, head to the library.
    9. Drink good coffee. No crappy caffeine allowed!!
    10. Document... write things down, take pictures... you'll want to remember the day!


  26. Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Dewey's Readathon

    10. read

    9. mini-challenges !

    8. join your bookclub in reading, they will be your biggest support

    7. read

    6. mini-challenges !

    5. fruit-snacks !

    4. read

    3. mini-challenges !

    2. bug your family, bf, bff, get everyone to join. that way talkling about RaT will make it last longer than 24 hours

    1. READ!

  27. 1. Get lots of sleep the night before. (Reading while well rested is so much easier/more enjoyable!)

    2. Eat lots of fruits/veggies. Reading can make me exhausted, being fueled definitely helps!

    3. Take stretch breaks and move around every so often, you don't wanna get restless or sore!

    4. Break up your books with other forms. Ie. Listen to an audiobook or read an ebook, if you've been reading a physical copy.

    5. Break up larger books with comics, graphic novels, children's story etc. They're a bit easier to read to give you a lil rest, while being fun and making you feel accomplished.

    6. Take a nap or rest your eyes if you're having a hard time focus. (Listening to an audiobook while resting your eyes is also a good way to go!)

    7. Go on Twitter, Goodreads, etc. at the start of each hour to check out updates, while setting a limit. Give yourself 15 mins or however long to interact with people, without accidentally spending 3 hours browsing it (easy to happen I know).

    8. If you're feeling uninspired, watch booktube videos or look at blog posts to see people be passionate about books. It'll make you excited to get back into the read-a-thon.

    9. Ask friends or family members to join in, it's supposed to be interactive after all!

    10. Forget about the small chores/responsibilities you normally have. It's ok if there's a few dishes or an unmade bed, spend your day enjoying reading!

    You can find me @JaffaCaffa on Twitter. :)

  28. 10. Twitter
    9. Goodreads
    8. Pick a random participant and cheer them on
    7. Mini challenges
    6. Stretch breaks
    5. Read from your never ending TBR list
    4. Read something just for fun
    3. Chocolate
    2. Check on participating friends
    1. Reading ALL DAY!!!! WHOOT!


  29. Top Ten Reasons I'm doing the Readathon this year!
    1. It intimidated me and I wanted to embrace that fear!
    2. I've been looking for ways to get more engaged with blogger twitter/readers
    3. It's totally self-indulgent and sometimes that's ok!
    4. It's ok to give yourself a workout day off (even when you're an addict like me)
    5. A friend has been going through a rough time and I wanted to be available if needed.
    6. I keep forgetting to participate and have no excuse this year!
    7. There are soooo many books I've been wanting to read!
    8. I want to get ahead on reviews to try NaNoWriMo for the first time this year (EEK!)
    9. The past few months have been crazy hectic and it's nice to have 24hrs of bliss
    10. I'm learning something new!


  30. 1.) Lots of book to chose from.
    2.) Soft bed and chairs to read in.
    3.) Three very cute puppies to snuggle with.
    4.) Healthy Snacks
    5.) A nice sunny day that is not to hot.
    6.) My computer to do challenges and cheer people on.
    7.) A nice filling meals to keep me charged for the day.
    8.) My lucky bookmark.
    9.) Coffee...Coffee...Coffee.
    10.) Stay hydrated.

  31. 1. Yummy snacks. This is totally a cheat day for me.
    2. Pick fun books. Serious is not for today.
    3. Get up and walk around. Don't get stiff.
    4. Have fun with it. Tweet and FaceBook and share the joy.
    5. Remember to go to the bathroom! Silly I know, but I will get so wrapped up in a book I forget.
    6. Caffeinate. Diet Coke is my friend today.
    7. If you need to, take a nap. No one is going to judge you if you rest.
    8. Take five to look at ridiculous kitten videos. Re-set your brain.
    9. Show some comment love on other participants blogs. You never know when you'll find a new site to love.
    10. Remind yourself why you love reading. Sometimes we get so busy with life we forget what makes us happy. :)
    125pages at gmail dot com

  32. Grrrr, my top 10 didn't post and now of course it won't be as good :-P

    10. Choose a short, easy read first: it's good to have a sense of accomplishment early on!
    9. Don't slog through anything you're not feeling.
    8. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
    7. Caffeinate, caffeinate, caffeinate! :-P
    6. Have a variety of places to read, in various positions: sitting upright, curled up, reclining, etc.
    5. Snacks! Fruit, raw veggies, pretzels, deli meats, olives, cheese, anything easy to eat with one hand while holding a book with the other.
    4. Have an audiobook ready for when you need both hands; showering, driving, cooking, etc.
    3. Get up and move around the room at least once an hour, even if it's just to shake out your limbs and wiggle a bit to get the blood flowing.
    2. Let everyone know you're readathon-ing, so they can join you, cheer you, or leave you the heck alone! ;)
    1. Engage with fellow readers on social media. Don't worry about how much time you're spending not-reading, because while it is a "readathon," the spirit of the thing is about reading communally, sharing the love of reading, and meeting other people also crazy enough to dedicate a solid 24 hours to the greatest pastime in the world!

  33. 10 Ways to Enjoy/Survive the Read-a-Thon:

    1. Read at your own pace. Allow yourself to become immersed in the books, even if that means it cuts into your time/progress.
    2. Read books that interest you and/or go with your mood.

    3. Take as many breaks as you need. Please don't feel bad for doing so. Self-care is important.

    4. If you're going with some heavy, long reads, counter it with some short, light ones (including manga or comics or graphic novels!).

    5. Take part in some of the challenges.

    6. Try not to worry so much about progress. That you tried & are hopefully having fun is enough.

    7. Play some background music, perhaps?

    8. Changing up where you read is nice sometimes.

    9. Cheer on other participants from time to time. Interact. Bond.

    10. Get out the snacks, blankies, and fluffy pets.

    Contact: or @burningmoon65 on Twitter.

  34. 1. Getting to set aside absolutely everything else and just focus on reading for a weekend
    2. The idea that there are hundreds (even thousands) of people all around the world doing exactly what you're doing right now
    3. Yummy food
    4. Being awake in your own world at 4am when everything is so quiet
    5. Snuggling up with cats all day and night
    6. Participating in fun mini-challenges as a break from reading
    7. Listening to music posted on the main Dewey blog
    8. Finding new recommendations for books from read-a-thon related posts
    9. The sense of accomplishment when you knock book off your tbr
    10. Sleeping when it's all over :)

    1. Contact:

  35. Julie's Top 10 Read-A-Thon Essentials:

    10. Chapstick
    9. Music
    8. Laptop/Phone
    6. Water
    5. Snacks
    3. Blanket
    2. Comfy clothes
    1. Books!

  36. Top 10 Excuses aka Valid Reasons to Participate in Dewey's 24-Hour Read-a-Thon
    1. It is fun. We all need to take time to relax.
    2. Make a dent in your TBR Pile.
    3. Get caught up on your committee reading (Newbery, Printz, Alex, State awards, Mock awards etc.)
    4. Meet fellow readers on Twitter
    5. Stay in your pajamas all day
    6. Automatic readcation
    7. Read for charity
    8.Have a reading party
    9.inspiration to update neglected blogs. Here's mine
    10. Complete fun challenges like this one!

  37. My top ten readathon notes:

    10. Plan ahead. Put books on hold a week or so before the day. Pile then in your reading area. Download books onto your device(s) of choice.

    9. Go with the flow. Just because you plan ahead to read certain books doesn't mean you have to read them all. Some you might not be in the mood for that day. Another might come available just in time to read it.

    8. Don't be ashamed to claim the day for yourself and your love of reading! They readathon isn't something that appeals to everyone and many won't get it. That's ok. It's about YOU not them.

    7. They say variety is the spice of life. Having a variety of reads for the event will add some spice to the day. I have several different genres, formats, and reading levels from which to choose. Keeps me from getting bored!

    6. Take a break! Check out other participants' progress, do a challenge or two, rest your eyes, and relax.

    5. Be comfy. If you're staying home all day, get into your most comfortable pjs and curl up in your favorite spot. I'm currently sitting in bed with two snuggle pups keeping me company while I read.

    4. Keep up your energy with healthy snacks and meals. Yes, I've had cookies and candy today, but I also had a protein rich breakfast to get me started, and I'm looking forward to some apples and peanut butter this afternoon.

    3. There's no wrong way to participate in the readathon. Any format is real reading - print books, graphic novels, ebooks, audiobooks, magazines... And reading/interest levels can be whatever you want. I read a picture book this morning and have a couple children's chapter books for this afternoon. It's all good.

    2. Take notes and make lists. I love looking back at my list of books read and notes on the challenges I've done. And if you're checking out other readathon participants, you might need to write down other books to read later.

    1. Most importantly of all...HAVE FUN!
    @amareads (Instagram/Twitter)

  38. Top Ten Ways to Participate with Kiddos

    10. let them create their own stack of books
    9. Visit the library
    8. Read aloud to them
    7. Enlist the help of someone else so you can read
    6. Utilize quiet time/naps!
    5. Listen to an audiobook while going on a walk
    4. Give them busy crafty project while you read
    3. Buy them a special new book for the event
    2. Get up earlier than they do to sneak in a few extra minutes.
    1. Count down the minutes until their bedtime and then binge!

    1. Sorry--trishsreadingnook @ gmail or find me on T/IG @TriniCapini

  39. 10 make room on your lap for the cat, even if he stands up tall so it's hard to see your book
    9 enjoy the excuse to spend the day doing exactly what you you want anyway — READ
    8 recruit a friend to read with you, even if they're more than a thousand miles away; gives you someone to check in on when you need a tiny break
    7 DO bake up the bread dough you forgot in the fridge since Thursday; it smells heavenly and is mighty tasty even if not quite as tall as usual
    6 pick books you're very likely to enjoy; makes it easier to stay with it
    5 don't forget to get up for a few minutes every hour and move some blood through your legs
    4 wear your pajamas all day long
    3 keep hydrated
    2 don't beat yourself up if you need a nap or two along the way
    1 remember that we are doing this for FUN!

  40. 10 Ways to survive:
    1. Jammies all day
    2. Water, along with the fun not healthy drinks
    3. Amazing snacks
    4. Variety of book genres to chooose from
    5. Include some Young Adult books for a quick jump start when tired
    6. Try Graphic Novels
    7. Take breaks every once in awhile to move around
    8. Don't stress about time and stats
    9. Diary of a Wimpy Kid---cracks me up EVERY. SINGLE. Time and perfect for hour 12 or later!
    10. Have fun!!!

  41. Top Ten Books for a Fall Readathon:

    1) Saga by Brian Vaughan and Fiona Staples
    2) Relish by Lucy Knisley
    3) Seconds by Bryan Lee O'Malley
    4) Glaciers by Alexis Smith
    5) Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi
    6) The Color Master by Aimee Bender
    7) Vampires in the Lemon Grove by Karen Russell
    8) A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle
    9) The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster
    10) Horrorstor by Grady Hendrix

  42. Thanks for bringing this challenge back, I'd forgotten about how great it is!

  43. Mine's at my blog!

  44. Top Ten Things you Need in order to Survive a Readathon:
    1. Books! (Trust me, you will need these!)
    2. Hot Chocolate! (A K A Heaven)
    3. Fluffy Pillows!
    4. Something CRUNCHY!!!
    5. Something Caffeinated!
    6. Pajamas (They need to be SUPER comfy!)
    7. A schedule (I am so NOT organised)
    8. E Reader/ Laptop/ Phone
    9. Background Music
    10. A will to read! (If you don't have this then you wont be needing any of the materials above)

  45. Top 10 things I have learned about readathon!
    1)There is a LOT of people reading at the same time
    2)It is needed to wear comfy clothes for better experience
    3) Have to find a place where you can feel comfortable for long period of time
    4)It is more interesting if you take part in mini challenges
    5)Tea, coffee or hot chocolate will make your experience even better
    6) You need to have breaks
    7)And it is important to not forget to eat as you dive in an amzaing book
    8)Change up your reads
    9)Stand up and strech between reading
    10)Don't read things that you don't enjoy

    They are not really in order :))

  46. Here is my list

  47. Ten Rules For Readathons! :)
    10. Don't compare yourself to other reader's progress. Everyone reads at his or her own pace, and that is okay!
    9. Don't be afraid to switch books if you get bored or want something different.
    8. Audiobooks allow you to move/do things you need to do without sacrificing reading time. Add a couple to your stack for this reason!
    7. It's okay to pick shorter books so that you can feel more accomplished! Because readathons are all about reading and feeling accomplished! ;)
    6. Graphic novels/comics are great choices for short reading sprints.
    5. Take some time to chat/comment on other reader's progress! Because readathons are social events, after all.
    4. Change locations periodically, or get up and move. You don't want to get a crick in your neck!
    3. Let people know you are doing a readathon so that they don't continuously try to interrupt your reading time.
    2. Eat, Drink, and READ!
    1. HAVE FUN!


  48. Top Ten Ways to Pad Your TBR List for the Readathon

    10. Check any ongoing series you enjoy for new additions.
    9. Look for annual collections in genres you enjoy, like "World's Best Science Fiction 1978", etc.
    8. See if your favorite TV show or movie has tie-in novels!
    7. Look through your past reads for all those authors you liked but who weren't quite your favorites; maybe they've since released something amazing and you missed it.
    6. Look up an old favorite on Goodreads and check out every single book in the "you might also like" window.
    5. Google around for the top ten/best/must reads of insert-genre-here.
    4. Go to your favorite author's website. Maybe they have some free short stories, maybe they contributed to an anthology you missed.
    3. (This works best with something fairly obscure, but ymmv.) Google around for book blogs talking about your weirdo favorite and see what else that blogger likes.
    2. Go back to your childhood favs! See if Patricia C Wrede or Laura Ingalls Wilder or RL Stone still suck you in.
    1. The Amazon bestsellers list has gotten crazy user-friendly. You can filter it all the way down to the 100 Top Rated Books in Lesbian Romance if you want.

  49. Top 10 Readathon Foods

    10.chicken sausages
    9. spicy Kraft dinner
    8. apples
    7. popcorn
    6. rosettes (or similar boxed chocolate)
    5. cheese & olives
    4. black pepper & lime potato chips
    3. tacos
    2. hot caffeinated beverages
    1. granola bars

    --Memory (xicanti AT

  50. My theme isn't very original, but here are my Top 10 Readathon Necessities:

    1. A comfy spot to set up camp—chairs with leg rests work well!
    2. Plenty of beverages to choose from (mineral water, coffee, and tea are my faves—I'd include red wine, but it might make me too sleepy on Readathon Day)
    3. Fuzzy socks for optimal foot comfort
    4. Funny/adorable GIFs for Twitter cheerleading
    5. A HUGE stack of books to choose from, because I'm a huge mood reader!
    6. Frequent breaks to do other things (take a walk, get some exercise, talk to a friend, whatever)—it keeps the reading feeling fresh!
    7. My phone camera for frequent Twitter/Instagram updates
    8. A couple of handpicked treats—chocolate, chips and sorbet/gelato are favorites
    9. TweetDeck for organizing all the Twitter lists and hashtags I want to watch
    10. The mindset that, above all, I'm in this to have fun! That's way, way more important than my page count.

    Thanks for hosting this! I had fun coming up with the list. :)

  51. Top Ten Favorite Parts of Doing My First Readathon (So Far)!
    1. Building anticipation beforehand. I was so excited last night I could barely sleep.
    2. Trying to predict what snacks I might crave.
    3. Scouting reading locations (bonus: we just moved to a condo with a kickass pool)
    4. My fiance volunteering to participate with me
    5. Looking over at him (he's totally lost in his book while I'm typing away)
    6. Making a stack of TBR
    7. Finally focusing on some of my many hard copy books instead of defaulting to the very portable Kindle
    8. Realizing there are still 18 hours left!
    9. Finishing my first book and savoring how really, really, really good it was (Fun Home by Alison Bechdel, go read it!)
    10. Reading the #readathon comments on Twitter and enjoying the community spirit!

    Twitter: @bravenewbks

  52. The Top 10 books I most want to complete during this Read-a-thon Challenge
    10. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle v.8
    9. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle v.9
    8. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle v. 10
    7. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle v. 11
    6. The Catholic Guide to Depression
    5. This Book is Overdue!
    4. The Brain Injury Survival Kit
    3. Tokyo Babylon v. 4
    2. Tokyo Babylon v. 5
    1. Clockwork Angel

    My Twitter is @_Maia_11 Thanks!

  53. 1) Keep hydrated and fed - you can't enjoy a good read if your stomach is eating itself!
    2) Comfy clothes - why be uncomfortable while sitting down with a great book?
    3) Use proper lighting to keep your eyes in tip top shape.
    4) Take breaks - let your eyes and brain rest!
    5) Be social - reading doesn't need to mean isolation!
    6) Move - stiff limbs aren't conducive to reading!
    7) Enjoy it - don't stick to books that aren't interesting!
    8) Variety - Break up your reading with a variety of topics and types of books
    9) Use good pacing so you don't get burnt out.
    10) TEA FOR LIFE.


  54. My Top Ten!

  55. Top Ten Snacks I'm Looking Forward to Today:
    10. Gouda wafers
    9. Peanut butter filled pretzels
    8. Sweet potato chips and
    7. Black bean dip
    6. Leftovers!
    5. "South Africa" chips from Trader Joe's
    4. Eggnog candy
    3. Cheesy bread
    2. Crackers with
    1. Cranberry covered goat cheese!

    Thanks for the fun mini-challenge! <3

  56. My top 10 benefits of the readathon:

    1) First and foremost, being serious about it, rupture from Facebook and my constant phone-checking. I am enjoying this so much.
    2) Having a cute case of sinusitis, this helps keeping myself entertained the home-bound weekend I'm about to enjoy.
    3) The decadence of picking up any book I fancy and lavishing through its pages as I see fit
    4) Snack-breaks whenever I see fit as well as a community of participants to share the moment with.
    5) Having some much-needed me time for my introvert needs after endless outings with my peers.
    6) Also having some silence and adult "perfectly respectable" time after weeks of teaching kindergarten and doing customer support for children's apps is a blast.
    7)Getting to enjoy my October-playlist such as Rainy sounds and Baroque Music that I hardly listen to on a daily basis.
    8) Also fulfilling my Booktober challenge by reading all the October-linked books I can think of!
    9)A good reason to drink hot cocoa at night!
    and finnaly 10) Getting to spend the night with endless beautiful minds that have lived in this world at various times.

  57. Top 10 things I'm excited about during my first readathon:
    1) Spending the day immersed in reading.
    2) Taking notes regularly as I read, which is something I've been meaning to practice for a long time.
    3) Getting closer to finishing my reading challenge for the year.
    4) An excuse to spend the whole day at my beautiful local library.
    5) Treating myself to a nice picnic lunch while I continue to read.
    6) Sharing on goodreads the favorite quotes that I've come across.
    7) Organizing a pile of very different books, and being excited about each of them.
    8) Being motivated to spend most of the day not staring at a computer screen.
    9) Seeing people's expressions when I explain how I'm spending my Saturday.
    10) Staying up reading as long into the night as possible.

  58. My list is top ten essentials for Readathon. Not original at all, but it a classic.
    1. a lot of books (be they physical or digital) to read.
    2. my ipod to play background podcasts as i read.
    3. Snacks. So many snacks.
    4. Caffeine (Soda's not good for me but eh)
    5. My cellphone (to check e-mails quickly, time alarms, etc.)
    6. blankets to keep nice and warm.
    7. Pillows to keep propped up or lean on.
    8. laptop for updates and mini challenges.
    9. notebook to keep track of pages read.
    10. occasional quick nap . 24 hours straight isn't my thing but a quick nap keeps me going.

  59. Top Ten Reasons Everyone Should Participate in Dewey's Readathon:

    1. It's a great way to make friends

    2. You can conquer some of that TBR pile

    3. It gives you an excuse to buy new books

    4. Reading is fun

    5. Mini Challenges!

    6. Door prizes

    7. Discovering new blogs/booktubers

    8. Discovering new books

    9. Discovering new recipes (compliments of the goodreads group)

    10. Why not?

    Twitter - @xxbethjoyxx
    Goodreads -

  60. Top 10 Readathon Necessities

    1. An understanding husband (or family)
    2. Lots of books
    3. Comfy clothes
    4. Yummy food
    5. Yummy drinks
    7. Several non distracting places to read
    8. A game-plan so you don't get distracted
    9. Walking away from your internet to read!
    10. All the supportive readathoners!

    You can contact me on Twitter @bookgoil

  61. Top ten locations to read during the readathon:

    1) an obvious but classic one - snuggled under the covers of the bed!
    2) lounging by a pool or beach (only if it's sunny and warm!!)
    3) nestled in a corner of a wood paneled library with velvet cushioned chairs
    4) in a local coffee shop surrounded by pastries and breads
    5) rocking chair on a backyard porch
    6) a balcony overlooking mountains and forests
    7) in the middle of a rose garden
    8) snuggled on the couch with your significant other
    9) outside sitting up against a tree trunk
    10) at a classic, quiet cocktail bar where the bartender keeps refilling your glass with delicious old fashioned's.
    Happy reading everyone!


  62. 1) Save books you're excited to read ... keeps you motivated.
    2) Have some short, fun books to read.
    3) Lots of tea.
    4) Find fun, low-prep food to eat. Treat yo self.
    5) Read in different places.
    6) Invite a friend to read with you.
    7) Use twitter ... it's kind of the only time I ever use twitter.
    8) If you don't like a book, put it down ... try it again on a non-readathon day.
    9) Brag on social media about how much you are reading (even if you aren't ...)
    10) Have fun!

  63. Fun challenge! I blogged my list here:

  64. 1. Dropping everything (housework, laundry, answering email) for 24 hours!
    2. Reading a book I've been saving for the RAT (this time it's 'X' by Sue Grafton)
    3. Preparing food the day before, so no cooking
    4. Popcorn!
    5. Peanut M&M's!
    6. Sending my daughters Snapchats of the books I'm reading
    7. Drinking lots of tea
    8. Anticipating the event for weeks ahead of time
    9. Cheering and hoping I'm giving someone a little RAT "lift"
    10. Interacting with the online book community

  65. Top Ten thoughts you have when you go too long without a break from reading.

    1) Why does my neck hurt?
    2) My mouth taste funny…kinda like the Sahara.
    3) I’ll just move my leg…and now I can’t feel my foot, great.
    4) What was that noise? Probably nothing…
    5) Have I read this sentence already?
    6) Okay, that noise was definitely something falling over…not my problem right now.
    7) What time is it?
    8) Where did the sun go?
    9) Definitely just kept rereading that sentence over and over, no big deal. It was a good sentence anyways.
    10) Taking my pants off one handed without looking will be easy…yeah I should have worn a skirt to readathon in.

    Reachable on twitter @literatigeek

  66. 10. I get to be lazy around the house.
    9. I get to do some pretty fantastic mini challenges
    8. Takes lots of photos. I am not a photo person so this way I get to use instagram
    7. I am introduced to new blogs
    6. I get to meet people
    5. I love to make lists and I make lots of lists... snack lists, book lists, challenge lists. Its great
    4. I eat lots of yummy snacks
    3. I get new books for the readathon... even if they aren't mine but my grandsons
    2. I get to read with my Grandson and My hubby and daughter do the readathon too. its a family thing
    1. I get to read all day long.

  67. 10. HAVE FUN!
    9. Late dinner
    8. Walk and take a breath
    7. Mini challenges
    6. Pets time
    5. Nap time
    4. Shower
    3. Coffee
    2. Goodreeds, Tweeter, Instagram and blogs
    1. Reading comics that I left behind for a while

  68. I'm reading together with my Mum and two sisters - here's our list.

    Top Ten Best Things About the Read-a-thon
    1. Uninterrupted reading time
    2. Guilt-free snacking
    3. Company while reading - taking a solitary act and making it social.
    4. "Hygge" - the wonderful Danish word that is untranslatable but can be googled ;)
    5. 'Permission' to turn down other invitations for reading.
    6. Reading books I had never thought of. (Sister 1)
    7. Reading for a longer period of time than I had ever thought of. (Sister 2)
    8. A new family tradition.
    9. A twice-a-year event to look forward to.
    10. Having somebody to talk books with.

    Maria - kiwiria on goodreads and instagram

  69. 1. Set an alarm. This way you won't wake up 4 hours after the Read-a-Thon starts and then curse your dismal page count for the rest of the day while you feverishly use precious read time to catch up on challenges you want to participate in.

    2. Do all your food prep the day before the Read-a-Thon. Prepping meals and snacks the day of the Read-a-Thon will undoubtedly contribute to that dismal page count.

    3. If you're vain, like me, give yourself time to get showered, dressed, and made up for the day so you don't end up taking selfies looking like you've already been up for 24 hours before you've even started.

    4. Make your first book a light and airy one. If it is heavy, dark, and intense (as mine is) you may feel more likely to take breaks.

    5. If you live in Ohio (or any traditionally cooler place in October), do not bank on reading outside for long periods of time unless you're bundled up like you're going on an arctic adventure. If you do, you will feel like taking a lot of warm showers or baths.

    6. Don't let your roommate, significant other, children, etc. watch Halloween appropriate scary movies with the volume on full blast. You will, inevitably, want to find a quiet place to read which will likely lead you outside and back to the dilemma of #5.

    7. If your dog brings you a rope toy, it's a trap. Don't grab the robe. You will spend the next half an hour playing tug of war or dashing from room to room while he/she chases you around with the rope intent on your continued participation.

    8. Stalk people on Twitter and GoodReads and cheer them on. Now you can rationalize that your pathetic page count is because you're a dedicated cheerleader.

    9. When you now realize that you're a good chunk of the way through the 7th hour with only 75 pages to show for it, don't despair... remind yourself that you have 18 hours to go!

    10. Keep calm and read on, my fellow book worms!

  70. Top 10 reasons readathon rocks:

    1. Anyone can join!
    2. You participate and get done with what you want to do. If you only have an hour to read, that’s okay, there are still plenty of ways to get in on the fun!
    3. Makes you look over that towering TBR pile or long list and choose.
    4. Short stories are encouraged, which is something I usually look over when choosing reading material.
    5. Social media usage to the max! Adding so many new cool people and in great discussions all over.
    6. Can be done without leaving the house.
    7. Great suggestions for future reads from seeing what other people have their noses in.
    8. Graphic novels are welcome.
    9. Although customisable to individuals the event is organized by fantastic people who do a great job keeping everyone on the same page (pun so intended) with challenges, ideas and cheerleading.
    10. So much fun for anyone looking for an excuse to curl up with books!

    I can be reached @alkocik on Twitter.

  71. Top Ten: things that distract me from reading
    10: Pets, let them snuggle but when they interrupt your reading send them to their beds.
    9: Family, warn your family to not disturb you & that you will be unsocial for the foreseeable future
    8: Food, get snacks ahead of time so you don't get stuck staring at the fridge
    7: Internet, don't do what i do & watch youtube as a break, you will fall down the hole
    6: Strangers, when reading in public ignore/give brief replys to people who talk to you
    5: Breaks, might take up reading time but they're a necessity so your eyes don't cross
    4: School/Work, unavoidable but a book is portable & during the down time you can read
    3: Uninteresting Books, if your mind keeps wandering, read something else
    2: Friends, sometimes its hard to say no to plans, but there's always next time, try going for 1hr
    1: Myself, sometimes you stop reading and you just don't know why

  72. Fun! Okay here are mine, though I'm not sure they are in order:

    10. Mini-challenges - they are good little breaks and lots of bookish fun!
    9. Instagram - it is much fun to not only read about what your fellow readathoners are up to, but also view it!
    8. Snacks - Gotta keep the blood sugar level to make it all 24 hours!
    7. Goodreads - Updating that books read column is fun in itself, and now there's also the Readathon Group.
    6. Caffeine - How are you going to keep from falling asleep without caffeine?
    5. Blanket and Pillow fort - A must have is a comfy spot to read.
    4. Twitter - So much fun to chat with fellow readers - just be careful not to get sucked in for too long at a time!
    3. Companionship - Reading is a solitary activity. Blogging and readathoning are ways to add a social component to it!
    2. Choices - Part of the fun is making your stack of books pre-game, and choosing what to read next as you go along!
    1. There's another one coming in 6 months!!!

  73. 1. READ
    2. Change reading seat location
    3. Do mini challenges
    4. Visit fellow read-a-thon-ers
    5. Eat and drink favorites
    6. Take a short walk outside
    7. Watch/listen to a couple of the Dewey youtube videos shared
    8. Take a quick nap
    9. Take a shower or freshen up
    10. Continue to READ

    vvb32 @

    Thanks for hosting :-)

  74. Oh no! My comment never posted, and it's not recognizing my log-in. Trying again - here's my top 10 reasons why I love Dewey's Readathon:


  75. 1: Reading-best hobby ever.
    2: Community-we all do a great job rallying together, cheering and general chatting
    3: Good petting sessions for the cats/dog we have. They always get there fill on this day
    4: A clean home-in preparing to relax today the whole family helps to clean the week before.
    5: Tasty treats-we all get our favorite snacks on this day
    6: A sense of accomplishment.-I always end feeling I finally made a dent in my TBR
    7: New tea. Each year I try a new tea. Perfect day for it!
    8: Pressure free-Everyone does this there own way and that is encouraged. You don't see that too often so it is refreshing. No matter how (or how much) you participate, it is all celebrated here!
    9: Fun challenges! Some of these challenges are quite creative.
    10: Encourages me to use instagram. I am still not use to it, but this readathon gives it a good, friendly push to try.

    THanks for the challenge!
    darjlj75 @

  76. Here's a link to my top ten list (top ten literary characters who would participate in this readathon!):
    Top Ten List