Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bout of Books 10.0 Day 2 Challenge: Bookish Battle Royal

This challenge is hosted by Christina @ My Life in Books.  Here are the rules:

  1. Choose three or more fictional characters as combatants – they can be haphazardly picked or themed
  2. List three strengths and weakness for each contender
  3. Determine who would come out victorious and give a little explanation why you think they would win – get creative with the outcomes!
  4. Link in the comments and if you tweet about this challenge make sure to use the hashtag #bookbattleroyal in addition to #boutofbooks because I want to see all your dueling characters!
I chose to pick an epic battle of paranormal proportions.

The Contenders
Our first contender is Gabil from The Lost Books Series by Ted Dekker.  Gabil is a rouch who oddly enough looks like a fluffy white bat.  He has amazing karate moves that are used best by flying creatures like himself.  He loves to boast, which may be seen as a disadvantage because he is unable to realize his own weaknesses due to his arrogancy.  He has the ability to swoop in from the skies and startle his opponents.  Will he win in this epic paranormal battle?
Our second contender is Samantha Ruiz from Rippler by Cidney Swanson.  Samantha Ruiz, called Sam by her friends, has the ability to disappear within seconds.  This ability may come in handy if projectiles come towards her.  The disadvantage to this technique is that she has to be extremely calm in order to be able to disappear, AKA ripple.  She is a fast runner as she participates in the track team at her high school.  She is light weight and people may not be able to see her coming (haha! ripple pun!).  She does have a clumsiness about her that may lead to her defeat.  Will Sam's ability to ripple give her the win in this epic paranormal battle?
Our last contender is Fluffy from the Harry Potter series.  Fluffy is a three-headed dog with a vicious growl.  His weakness is that he falls asleep rather quickly when music is played.

The Battle

Here we are at one of the lakes located in the forests of the Lost Books series.  I am your commentator, Lee Jordan from the Harry Potter series.  Fluffy seems to be ready to battle but where are our other contenders?  Oh there is Sam she just appeared from no where.  She is mighty fast and rather attractive, too.  Gabil comes flying from the sky with a...what is that?  Is that a flute?  Does he plan to use it as a sword?  No it seems as if he is playing it.  How does he fair that will help him in this competition?

Ohhhh... Fluffy seems to be falling asleep.  That flute seems to hold some power over the giant dog.  Hagrid its okay.  There is always next years competition.

As he continues to play the flute, Gabil seems to be flying in for a mighty roundhouse kick, but Sam quickly ripples out of sight.  Man this competition is really getting tough.

Oh there is Sam again, but her arm seems to be stuck in a tree.  Man that is bad luck for her as Gabil comes in with one of his famous kicks and Sam is out.  That arm is going to hurt for a while.  Maybe I can carry her books to class for her.  Well anyways, the winner is Gabil, the fierce rouch warrior.

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